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Below you will find a selection of publications from our exhibition shop in the Prora documentation centre. You can either buy the publications there or you can order them via e-mail and receive them after the reimbursement costs for the post.

To get further informations about the article or for ordering click onto the picture.

Publication series of the Prora documentation centre

The "Paradise" of the "Volksgemeinschaft" Das "Paradies" der "Volksgemeinschaft" MACHTUrlaub - Reden zur Eröffnung

Books / Films / Posters

Paradiesruinen MACHTUrlaub (DVD with english subtitles) Poster of the exhibition

Motive 2 Motive 3 Motive 4
Motive 5 Motive 6 Motive 7
Motive 8 Motive 9
Motive 1

Postcards black/white

Motive 1 black/white Motive 2 black/white Motive 3 black/white
Motive 4 black/white Motive 5 black/white Motive 6 black/white
Motive 7 black/white Set of 6 cards black/white