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Special Exhibitions 2008
8th of November to the 31st of March 2009
Einladungspostkarte zur Ausstellung

“Seduced, Abused and Sacrificed –
The Short Life of the Nuremberg Hitler Youth Member Paul B”

An Exhibition from the Documentation Centre "Nazi Party Rally Grounds", Nuremberg

The Exhibition documents the history of the Hitler Youth, based on the fate of the Hitler Youth Paul Bayer, who died aged 17, while assisting the Flak Artillery during an Air Raid.
His personal certificates, his HY uniform, his membership Card and his obituary serve as a red line that is drawn through the exhibition. They mark his short life span which was symbolic for the majority of his generation. The Exhibition documents, via 18 pictures and texts boards, the military structure, the main principles and the appeal of the Hitler Youth, via concepts such as “Adventure”, “Flag”, “Comradeship” or “Discipline”.

Despite the high demands of the strict military hierarchy, and its emphasis on obedience, duty, sacrifice and discipline towards the “Fuehrer” and the Fatherland, the Hitler Youth would still remain attractive to the youth. It promised an alternative to the day to day monotony of school and family life, by organizing camping trips and physical exercise.
The presentation also shows how the NS State would exploit the enthusiasm, dedication and sacrificial willingness of the youth, to join the “Volksstrum” or to assist the Flak Artillery during the final years of the War.

8th of November to the 31st of March 2009

“Hide and Seek – The Lifestyle, Symbols and Codes of Neo Nazi and Extreme Right Wing Groups”

A presentation from the "Agency for Social Perspectives", Berlin

The Exhibition shows on 15 posters, various codes and symbols used by extreme right wing groups.
The posters show emblems, logos and symbols that make National Socialist and Pagan Germanic references and they deeper meaning that they have. They also contain information regarding the dress codes, clothe brands and the current right wing music scene.
The Exhibition is also trying to encourage people to think twice before making use of certain political symbols. The usage of Left Wing symbolism and techniques by the Extreme Right, in order to portray themselves as a revolutionary movement and a radical opposition, is also covered.

Einladungspostkarte zur Ausstellung4th of November to the 30th of October 2008

“Witness and Victim of the Apocalypse”

An Exhibition of the Project “War is daDa” from the Arbos – Foundation for Music and Theatre, Salzburg

The exhibition “Witness and Victims of the Apocalypse” focuses on the Austro-Hungarian Composer Viktor Ullmann (1898- 1944). It covers his time as an Artillery Observer in the Isonzo Valley during World War I, up to Ullmann’s fate during the “Third Reich”.

The Composer was sent to the Concentration Camp Theresienstadt in 1942, and was murdered later on in Auschwitz in 1944. He composed numerous Musical Pieces while staying in Theresienstadt, amongst them his most famous work “The Emperor of Atlantis, or The Refusal of Death”. The Exhibition shows how Ullmann dealt with his experiences of the First World War, especially the gas attacks during the 12th Battle of Isonozo. Strong emphasis is also made on new information discovered in the letters he sent to his girlfriend Anny Wottiz, many years ago.

On the 20th of October, remaining within the framework of the exhibition, the author Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick will read from her book “The Girl from Room 28”, in which young girls recount their experiences inside the Concentration Camp, Theresienstadt.

5th of July to the 26th of August

''...and now, the Weather. Lending Global Warming a Face.''

An Exhibition by the Diaconal Charity of the Evangelical Church in Germany, for the campaign ''Bread for the World''

The Presentation focuses on Climate Change and the consequences it has on People and the Environment, and what steps need to be undertaken in order to deal with the upcoming Climate Change.

24th April to 31st August 2008

„Preserving memory,
Slaves and forced laborers from Poland in the Third Reich 1939 - 1945"

An exhibition of the Foundation „Polish-German Reconciliation“ in co-operation with
the Foundation „Topography of Terror, Documentation Centre Nazi Forced Labour“, Berlin Schöneweide.

At the end of the Second World War about 2.8 million people worked for Germany as slaves and forced laborers. The deportation of polish forced laborers to Germany had already started after the German raid of Poland in September 1939. The people worked in agriculture as well as industry but also in small factories or in private households. The forced laborers had to live under inhuman conditions: they worked ten to twelve hours per day and received nearly no wage.
The inmates of concentration and penal camps had to perform slavery work in quarries and armament factories. German firms as for example Siemens, Krupp or IG Farben exploited the manpower of the detainees they had leased from the SS.
The exhibition shows the fate of these war victims with moving documents. They look at us from old photographs or speak from letters to their relatives. Propaganda posters and flyers show the official side of the national socialist Poland policy which was mainly characterized by the exploitation of the Polish population through forced and slavery work.