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Special Exhibitions 2005

12th of November 2005 to 31st of March 2006

Der Volksgerichtshof - Hitlers politisches Tribunal
(The people's court - Hitler's political tribunal)

The exhibition shows the appearance, organisation, role, personnel and the practice of judgment of the Nazi-"Volksgerichtshof".
In german and english language.

An exhibition of Stiftung Topographie des Terrors in co-operation with Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand

26th August to 30th September 05

Opfer rechter Gewalt seit 1990 in Deutschland
(Victims of right-wing violence in Germany since 1990)

The Exhibition shows the portaits of 131 people, which were killed by right-wing violence in Germany since 1990. Many of them were killed, because the didn't fit into the world view of right-wing extremists; others because they had the courage to contradict the nazi-slogans. The exhibition reminds the public of those people.

The Conception of the Exhibition was made by Rebecca Forner in co-operation with Opferperspektive e.V.

10th July to 21th August 05

Anne Frank - Eine Geschichte für heute
(Anne Frank - a History for Today)

nternational travelling exhibition of the Anne Frank Haus, Amsterdam / German Version: Anne Frank Zentrum, Berlin

Anne Frank's life story runs like a thread through the exhibition. History has been divided into five periods. In each of these periods a theme that is of importance to the present is elaborated upon.

Opening panel:
Here the visitor gets acquainted with Anne and her diary. It also becomes clear that there are very different ways of looking at the importance of Anne Frank and her diary.

Period I: 1929-1933
Anne’s first four years in life. The rise of the Nazi party in Germany.
Themes: nationalism, scapegoat thinking.

Period II: 1933-1939
Flight of the Frank family to the Netherlands. Rejection and persecution of Jews in Germany.
Theme: the 'purification' of people (minorities), because they deviate from the standard (of the majority).

Period III: 1939-1942
The Frank family and other Jews are trapped. Start of the persecution of the Jews.
Theme: civil courage.

Period IV: 1942-1945
Hiding period at the Secret Annex, diary and deportation.
Theme: Holocaust.

Period V: 1945-nu
Publication of the diary; reactions to the diary.
Theme: human rights, personal responsibility.

At the end of the exhibition 'ordinary' people tell how they, in their situation, contribute to a society in which differences between people are respected.

12th June to 31th August 05

Berlin-Ost. Die andere Zeit einer Stadt
(Berlin-East. The other side of a city)

Photographies by Harald Hauswald

"...Like me, Harald Hauswald entered the backyards of the houses as a telegram messenger. He got to know from below the off-putting corners, the unspectacular life of John Everyman.He took photos of the unknown world, and in doing so, he gained artistic confidence. He found the architecture that distinguishes all of his pictures.
In Berlin, with his camera, he found his awareness of life. "The many small matters of minor importance that happen to you in this city are simply miraculous." Hauswald's intimate photos impart a sense of gentle coolness and reserve.
He who mixed with people was a metamorphic nature sometimes, a chameleon changing colours. Hauswald, with his camera, could turn into a loafer, hooligan, squatter, or tango dancer in a dim ballroom."
Peter Wawerzinek

Born 1954 in Radebeul; 1970-1972 apprenticeship of photography; 1977 move to Berlin; various jobs, including telegram messenger, stoker, restorer, photo lab assistant, and photographer at Stephanus-Foundation; 1989 Admission to the Association of Graphic Arts of the GDR; Exhibitions in the GDR, FRG, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Netherlands; since 1989 freelancing photographer, founder member of the 'Ostkreuz' Agency; photo reportages for GEO, Stern, Zeitmagazin, Das Magazin, and others.; several books issued in collaboration; 1997 Awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

29th May to 3rd July 05

"Stets gern für Sie beschäftigt..." - Die deutsche Industrie und der Holocaust
(„Always glad to be of service..." – The german industry and the holocaust)

pieces of art by Yael Katz Ben Shalom, Uriel Orlow, Heidi Stern, Renata Stih und Frieder Schnock, Tanya Ury

The phrase "always glad to be of service ..." concluded the correspondence of the company J.A. Topf & Söhne from Erfurt with their customer, the department for construction of the SS, which utilised Topf & Söhne's cremation chambers in the concentration and extermination camps. However, most letters of companies loyal to the Nazi regime could have ended with the phrase "always glad to be of service ...".

Special emphasis will be put on the significance of technical and economical developments on the extermination of millions of humans. The selected artists mainly deal with familiar companies or people or with facts illustrating that the "wheelwork" existed because of particular interests, and that it developed from seemingly harmless beginnings to the crime in a formerly unknown scale. Furthermore, the artists inquire after today's approach to the past, after guilt and responsibility of the individual, as well as after strategies of repression and possibilities of expiation and reconciliation; they elucidate that admonishing, remembering and recollecting are possible and necessary in different ways. The selection of the artists and their works is based upon previously realized projects which have been revised, updated and extended for the exhibition.

An exhibition presented by ifa-Galerie Berlin, Curator Dr. Barbara Barsch

Exhibition catalogue: 88 pages with serveral texts and numerous illustrations, at a price of 9 Euro.

12th May 2005 to 22nd May 2005

Opfer - Häusliche Gewalt und Sexueller Missbrauch
(Victims - domestic force and sexual abuse)

An exhibition presented by Weißer Ring e. V.

15th April 2005 to 10th May 2005

Künstler mahnen: Nie wieder Faschismus - Nie wieder Krieg - Wege aus der Ohnmacht
(Artists against fascism and war)

Posters, graphics and sculptures by Karl-Heinz Effenberger, Jürgen Pieplow, Prof. Ludwig Bonitz and Günter Brock

The exhihibition is presented in cooperation with ver.di Nord.

in addition 15th April 2005 to 7th May 2005:

Neofascism in Germany – an exibition presented by VVN-BdA and IG Metall.