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30th July 2004 to 13th April 2005

Sie mussten für das Reich arbeiten – tschechische Zwangsarbeiter in Deutschland
(„They had to work for the Reich – forced Czech forced labourers in Germany“)

This exhibition is presented in cooperation with the state archive Prag and the institute for contemporary history Prague.

8th April to 6th June 04

Vor aller Augen
(In front of everybody’s eyes)

With 120 photographs this exhibition gives evidence how the national socialists practiced their terror daily against the public minorities, political opponents and/or dissidents.

The photos show the deportation of German Jews in front of school children and pedestrians, the denouncing and shaving of women in public areas. Propaganda and boycott actions organized by the SA and SS troops; Jewish shops and many more scenarios in which people were publicly discriminated, threatened, taken under arrest and transported away took place. It is a travelling exhibition which was initiated by the Foundation "Topographie des Terrors" in Berlin.