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Special Exhibitions 2003

11th September to
31st October 2003

Krieg und Geschichte
War and History)

An exhibition set up in cooperation with the Deutsch-Kaukasische Gesellschaft,
texts written by Ekkehard Maaß, design by Bettina Kubanek

31st May to 31st October 2003

Betrifft: "Aktion 3"
Deutsche verwerten jüdische Nachbarn
(Germans exploit their Jewish neighbours)

An exhibition by Professor Wolfgang Dreßen who presents documents showing the held auctions of personal possessions of the Jewish residents in Cologne.

4th to 20th May 2003

Nicht in meinem Namen!
(Not in my name!)

Works by Jacqueline Heer

The American artist shows a strategy of opposition against the US-politics in the Middle East documented by photo and sound material.