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Special Exhibitions 2002

29th June to 31st October 2002

Stand-Haft trotz Verfolgung
Jehovas Zeugen unter dem NS-Regime
(Jehovah’s Witnesses during the NS regime)

One of the darkest chapters of history is marked by the cruel persecution and inhumane treatment of people considered as opponents by the NS regime. The direct victims were approx. 10.000 Jehovah‘s Witnesses in Germany. As so called Bible Researchers they were given a violet detainee badge by the SS. Although the Jehovah’s Witnesses were citizens of this country - both the killed and the surviving victims were widely mistreated in public.

2nd May to 30th May 2002

Political graphics of the Vogel C&C collection

The exhibition presents works of the 20th century beginning with the Early Modern up to the contemporary art. Politically, socially and pacifistically committed art transports contents, which are not abstract and not binding, but rather figurative-realistic or documentary.