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Links to other Institutions and Information regarding National Socialism in Germany

Memorial places, Documentation Centre and similar Institutions:
Documentation Obersalzberg
The Munich Institute for Contemporary History is showing at the documentation centre Obersalzburg the permanent exhibition “Obersalzburg as a Place for Contempory History”. This is held at the former compound of Adolf Hitler’s “Berghof”.

Documentation Centre "Nazi Party Rally Grounds"
The documentation centre on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg is showing the permanent exhibition “Fascination and Violence”. It focuses on the causes, correlation and consequences of the National Socialist dictatorship.

Documentation Centre "Topography of Terror"
The Exhibition “Topography of Terror” focuses on the structure and set up of the National Socialist persecution and terror apparatus. It is held at the former Berlin Office of the State Police, the SS and the Reich’s Security Agency.
German Resistance Memorial Centre
An Exhibition about the motives, methods and aims regarding the resistance against the NS State. It is held at the Bendlerbock in Berlin, the former office of the High Command and the central site of the Assassination attempt take took place on the 20 th July 1944, by Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg.
Memorial Site and Museum Sachsenhausen
The memorial site Sachenhausesn at the former Concentration Camp compound, focuses on the surviving buildings and relics of the camp, making them the central theme of the exhibition. Various Exhibitions concentrate on specific aspects regarding the history of Sachenhausen and are connected to their respective sites of presentation.

House of the Wannsee Conference
The exhibition at the Wannsee Villa focuses on the “Final Solution”. This was the organization that on the 20th of January 1942, under the administration of Reinhard Heydrich, planned the systematic extermination of the Jews. The anti-Semitic, racist ideology and the policy of the National Socialists regarding the organization of genocide, is documented here.

Historical Technical Information Centre Peenemünde
Based on documents, newspaper interviews, documentary films and models, the visitor can view the progression of rocket technology. This covers a field ranging from the first rocket pioneers up to the mass production of rockets at Peenemünde and their use as military weapons during the war.
Youth Congress and Educational Institution Golm
The "Golm" is the highest elevation on the island of Usedom. At the site of the War Grave Site are buried the victims of the American Air Raid on the city of Swinemünde which took place on the 12th of March 1945. 671 US Bombers bombarded the refugee filled town. About 20,000 people were killed. The JBS Golm organizes youth project weeks.

Reminder and Memorial Place Ravensbrück
On the grounds of the former Women Concentration Camp Ravensbrück is the presentation “Ravensbrück, Topography and History of the Women CC”. It documents the development history of the Concentration Camp, explains the structure of day to day life and the principles of the “Extermination through Work”.

Information regarding National Socialism
Nazi Crimes on Trial
This website is a systematic review of criminal proceedings being investigated by German Courts regarding National Socialist Homicidal Crimes. The information was compiled within the framework of the project “Justice and NS Crimes” by the Amsterdam Institute for Penal Law. The website wants to present a global overview of current proceedings.
United States Holocaust Memorial
The website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers information concerning the Washington Memorial and the History of the Holocaust. It also includes eye witness reports and online exhibitions regarding the subject matter.
Nuemberg Trials Project
The Harvard Law School owns about 82.000 documents containing circa 650.000 pages from the thirteen Nuremburg War Trials. It focuses on court papers, trial transcripts and evidence files. All these documents and information will be accessible via this website within the next ten years. At the moment about 3.800 documents are available online.
USC Shoa Foundation Institute
More than 50.000 witnesses interviews, concerning the History of the Holocaust, have been recorded by the Steven Spielberg’s Shoa Foundation since its inception in 1994. Excerpts can be viewed on the website of the University of Southern California, where more information about the Shoa Foundation can be accessed.