The "Paradise" of the "Volksgemeinschaft"
Das KDF-Seaside Resort in Prora and the "Volksgemeinschaft"
(Schriftenreihe des Dokumentationszentrum Prora - Band 2)

Brochure of the travelling exhibition of the Dokumentationszentrum Prora. Many pictures and historical documents included.

The travelling exhibition highlights aspects of the permanent exhibition “MACHTUrlaub“  which was opened in July 2004 and has been a great success. "MACHTUrlaub" is currently the only permanent exhibition depicting the labour and social history of National Socialism in Germany.

The exhibition and also the brochure focusses on the National Socialist "Volksgemeinschaft" and traces the history of the seaside resort of Prora and its connection to the social policy of National Socialism with the concept of the "Volksgemeinschaft" as an integral part. The exhibition highlights the major NS organisations in charge, their propaganda as well as the social realities that did not conform to NS propaganda.

The exhibition outlines the architectural history of the listed complex from 1935 up to the present day. The National Socialist organisation "Kraft-durch-Freude" intended to use the seaside resort to provide inexpensive holidays for up to 20.000 people at a time. This was, however, not an end in itself but rather served the regime's war preparations.

The aim of the exhibition is to document the socio-political goals of the NS regime. Which strategies did the regime pursue to secure and maintain its rule? Which measures were taken to exclude people for racist and political reasons? The exhibition reveals the regime's ultimate aim to wage war as the underlying motive of all Nazi measures. It serves as the starting point to destroy the myth of National Socialism and the ideological basis of neofascist movements.

published by Dokumentationszentrum Prora; 1st print run; Berlin 2005; 67 pages; ISBN 3-00-0162291

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